Band Members

Marq Torien

Marq Torien

Vocals , Lead Guitar
Nick Rozz

Nick Rozz

Rhythm Guitar
Chad MacDonald

Chad MacDonald

Anthony “Tiny” Biuso

Anthony “Tiny” Biuso


Anthony Tiny Biuso was born and raised in New York.Queens and then Long Island, New York. 

All through school he sought out music. Different styles and genres never seemed to bother this teen growing up in the 80’s. Anthony was into everything from KISS to Queen to Billy Joel to Metallica

Playing in all the school bands was “a great way to ditch classes without getting in trouble”.

Rehearsals and showcases were an everyday occurrence when you played in 6 school bands. 

Moving to Los Angeles in early 90’s seemed only natural. Musicians Institute in the heart of Hollywood was a great place to learn every style there was. Taught by the great teachers of that era. 


Anthony hooked up with a band, Rude Awakening, soon after and was immediately out on the road. Cutting his teeth in small clubs in a broken down motor home was the best training ground this New Yorker could have gotten. Soon after it was studio after studio and tours all across the globe. 

A brief acting/stuntman stint in mid 90’s had him reliving his High School years in theater as well

Recording songs and albums for Extasy Warner Bros,ESPN,WB,SPEED CHANNEL,MTV VIDEOS,VH1,CINEMAX AND Mega Traxxx were also in his future. 


Well let’s cut to 20 years later and Anthony has toured and recorded with at national acts including RUDE AWAKENING, TSOL, HED PE, RHINO BUCKET, THE DICKIES, DOYLE and BULLETBOYS as well as performed on nearly 35 albums. His travels have taken him to 36 countries and 48 states. Anthony is also currently hosting and developing content for several music and art related companies including Gibson Guitars, Sullen TV His show “Tiny Talk” can be seen on Sullen’s YouTube channel and is a laugh riot 5 minute webisode.


Tiny Endorses 

Crush Drums, Sabian, PROMARK sticks, Daddario, JBL, AKG, Soundcraft Mixers, Evans Drum Heads, Danmar Percussion, Kelly SHU, Heet Jewelry and Sullen Clothing. 

Official Harman Kardon Ambassador. 


Owner and Manager of :

THE BOOM ROOM (Recording and Rehearsal Suite) NOHO CA. 

Smooth Up In Ya // BulletBoys
  1. Smooth Up In Ya // BulletBoys